Wardrobe Basics: Must Have Pieces for Men & Women in 2019

The year 2019 would be a memorable fashion year for men and women.  Having a few wardrobe basics can help people to present themselves fashionable.  Read more to know the complete list:

1.    Plain white T-shirt:  A plain white T-shirt has many advantageous features.  It can always present a clean and fresh feeling.  It can offer comfort in any weather.  Besides, it can be worn along with any pant/skirt/blazer/coat/sweater, etc.  It goes well with any color.  When one is uncertain about the dress code while visiting a new place, a white T-shirt can solve the issue.

2.    Good blazer:  A good quality blazer is a must-have.  It is suitable for both genders.  Blazer adds elegance to look.  It makes a person stay comfortable in cold weather.  It offers convenience as it can be removed if one feels hot.  When the weather is not constant, having a blazer in hand is a prudent choice.  Most preferable colors are black and dark blue.  It pairs well with any shirt.

3.    Good pair of shoes:  A quality pair of footwear, superior shoes would be highly desired.  This completes the look of a person.

4.    Black trousers:  Like white shirts, black trousers suit any color of the shirt.  It can be used for formal as well as casual wear.

5.    Good quality jean:  Wardrobe should be a right blend of legal as well as casual wear.  It all depends on the total requirement of an individual.  If one would attend formal meetings more, then it is more desirable to have more formal wear.  However, having a few pair of good quality jean is essential.  It can be used for casual meetings, parties, travel, etc. It offers more comfort.  It is long lasting.  In addition to blue, people buy jeans in other colors too.

6.    Leather accessories:  Leather accessories like belt and wallet are all-time hits as far as fashion is concerned.