Renovation loan up to $ 75,000 with instant decision

A new kitchen, a newly renovated bathroom or high-quality living room equipment – from time to time every one wants a little fresh wind in their own home. Maybe there is also a move to a new apartment, so you need a little financial leeway? In both cases, you have come to the right place with the Good Credit moving and renovation loan.

With a loan amount of 1,000 to 75,000 dollars, tenants and homeowners can make their dreams come true. The Good Credit loan offers are also characterized by clear, simple contractual terms and can be flexibly adapted to your life situation. With terms from 12 to 84 months and fair conditions, there is a suitable financing model for every customer.

Renovation loan: flexible financing around the living

Renovation loan: flexible financing around the living

The Good Credit renovation loan is a classic installment loan, which you repay with constant amounts per month. The interest is already included in the monthly installments. You can decide for yourself which conversions or purchases you use your renovation loan for.

Buy a new kitchen, build a winter garden or beautify your home with elegant carpets – at your discretion. Good Credit is not tied to any specific use. That is why the renovation loan is not only suitable for property owners but especially for tenants.

No matter which project you want to finance: Simply click on the desired amount and the desired term in the renovation loan calculator. You will immediately find out what the monthly rate is and how long the term is.

There are no hidden costs at Good Credit – just as little as a down payment or high final installment. Use the Good Credit renovation loan to modernize your apartment or house, and you may even be able to save. The Good Finance offers various subsidies for an energy-efficient renovation that support the renovation loan.

Refurbishment loan for maintaining the value of your property

Refurbishment loan for maintaining the value of your property

With a renovation loan from Good Credit, you increase the comfort and value of your property. Whether it is spontaneous repairs to the roof or the long-planned renovation of the bathroom: If your home gets old, there is a lot to do. Those who fail to do the necessary work risk losing the value of their property.

Depending on the amount of equity, it may make sense to take out a loan for the renovation. If the modernization intervenes extensively in the building fabric, it will even increase the value of your home. This applies in particular to investments in new windows, modern heating and insulation, which lead to better energy efficiency. Extensions such as a winter garden can also increase the value of the house.

So that you can maintain or even increase the value of your property, Good Credit offers you a renovation loan with fair interest. This is how you finance larger investments without an entry in the land register. Our renovation loan calculator determines exactly how high the costs are per month.

The requirements for a renovation loan

The requirements for a renovation loan

Have you decided on a Good Credit renovation loan and determined the monthly installment with our loan calculator? Now there are only a few steps to a nicer, more comfortable home. If you meet the following requirements, you can apply for the loan amount directly.

You have a regular income

In order for us to be able to check your information, we need the relevant documents from you. Your legal age can be seen on your ID or passport. You legitimize yourself with a valid identity card or passport. As proof of your income, submit the last two notifications of your wages, salary or pension. If you have all the receipts together, the fulfillment of your dream home is almost guaranteed.

Up to 25,000 dollars particularly quickly and without paperwork

Do you need a loan of up to 25,000 dollars and best of all as soon as possible?

In this case, too, Good Credit is the right choice! Up to a loan amount of 25,000 dollars, Good Credit offers you a loan online particularly quickly in just 10 minutes and completely paperless.

How does it work? You give us a one-time look at your salary account (capable of online banking) and conclude your credit contract entirely online with video legitimation and digital contract signature.

So we do not need any additional evidence of regular income and you benefit from the immediate payment of your desired amount up to the amount of 25,000 dollars. You will usually get your loan amount credited to your account the next working day.

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